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Crazy Hair Day in Nursery 2

We came into Nursery with crazy hair and raised money for Cash for Kids.  

Nursery has a new safety mascot!

Meet Hector the Hedgehog our new safety mascot!

Nursery visiting Kincorth Academy

Nursery are enjoying visiting Kincorth Academy to listen to the S3 pupils read us stories.

Preparing Nursery snack

We helped prepare the fruit for our snack.  

Nursery Spring Walk

Nursery 1 and Nursery 2 went on a Spring walk up the Gramps.  We found lots of signs that Spring had started.

Nursery News February 2017

NURSERY NEWS February 2017

‘Happy Birthday Jesus’

The Nursery performed ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ for their Christmas nativity.

Nursery decorating their Christmas trees

     Nursery 1 and Nursery 2 had great fun choosing the decorations to go on their Christmas trees.  

Nursery’s Trip to Tyrebagger

The afternoon Nursery classes enjoyed their trip to Tyrebagger to pick their Christmas trees.

Nature Walk

Nursery 2 enjoyed a nature walk up the Gramps.