Healthy Breakfast – Chalk Talk by Carly McIntosh (P7)

Healthy Breakfast

In September 2016 P4-P7 had a healthy breakfast. The breakfast was to encourage kids to eat healthier and let them try some new foods.
We had some great results! 92 children said they liked the breakfast and 2 children said that they didn’t. 26 people liked toast the best,20 people liked bagels the best and 14 people liked watermelon the best. Grapefruit, Fruit juice and cornflakes were liked the least. All together 96 children attended the healthy breakfast. Iona Matson in p7 said “My favourite fruit at the healthy breakfast was pineapple and strawberries. My least favourite food was melon.”
Mostly at home children have toast (29) cereal (19) and fruit (13) for breakfast. 24 children said that they don’t have breakfast at home.
Teri in P7 said “It’s a great idea! I only wish we could do it more often.”
By Carly McIntosh P7



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