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P4 (Stuart Reid) Creative Writing Workshop

After hearing all about Stuart Reid’s exciting and funny GORGEOUS GEORGE book series in a special assembly, P4 were lucky enough to have Stuart Reid in the classroom helping them solve creative writing problems like starting a story in an entertaining way that hooks the reader, creating and describing memorable characters and setting, and using their own experiences as starting points for stories. The children had great fun and learned a lot of skills we will use to write our own Fantasy books in a few weeks.

P4: No-Pen-Day-Wednesday!

Today at Kirkhill, our pens went on strike for a day! In P4 we watched a story that imagined the reasons why pens and pencils might quit, made other objects disappear and found them again by playing Object Hide and Seek, practised some Zumba in the classroom to keep us fit and healthy, and discussed what we would do in some tricky situations. We did all of this JUST between break and lunch time because we love to work hard!

P4: Art, Maths, and Building Design!

P4 have been very lucky to have Mrs Kerr in the classroom once a week to teach them Art this term. The children have been making different 3D Shapes out of 2D Nets and then designing their own artistic patterns to create bright and attractive model buildings. Once finished, the children had fun trying out different building layouts by placing the 3D models in different positions. They are going to add to this village layout with artistic 2D mapping, and 3D construction.