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Otzi the Iceman

Primary 4 have been learning about the discovery of Otzi the Iceman, found in the Otzal Alps. This man has advanced research for the time when he lived, over 5000 years ago, and the children have enjoyed finding out more about his lifestyle. Primary 4 have been working together to research into the mystery of Otzi’s death and have enjoyed creating Information booklets.

Primary 4’s Scavenger Adventure

Primary 4 have recently began their new topic- scavengers and settlers. We have been learning about our ancestors and discussing all the questions that we wish we could ask them! After discussing how their lives would differ from ours, we set off outside to try our hand at being hunter-gatherers. Primary 4 had to build their own ‘pretend’ campfire, scavenge for food and crack the code of paintings on the walls. The afternoon was a great success, and the children agreed that it would have been quite challenging to be a hunter-gatherer and survive!