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A busy couple of days in P1G

Primary 1G have had a busy start to the week!

On Monday we enjoyed ‘painting’ our phonics outside on the playground with soapy water.


Today we have been learning how to sort items into different criteria – we each made a critter and sorted them into categories. In our maths work we have been busy exploring 3D shapes. This afternoon we had a visit from John who helped us to plant some flowers in the planters outside our classroom. We also created our ouwn snail collages in the style of Matisse.


Drumming club

Adding percussion to the Drumkit.

Playing roto toms.

Playing together.

Ready to add the drum fills!!


Learning to control hands and feet to play the Drumkit.

Coordinating hands and feet.

Developing our drumming skills with regular weekly rehearsals! The group are progressing well. Learning to play the Drumkit with counts of four; adding drum fills and cymbal hits.