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Creative Learning Workshop in Nursery

This afternoon the pre-school Nursery pupils took part in a Creative Learning workshop with the artist Katie Hammond.  They made their own gardens with lots of beasties in them!

Stone Age Pottery

Primary Four have enjoyed learning about the way our ancestors in the Stone Age lived. After researching the food they eat, the houses they would have built and the clothes…

P3S are ready for Sports Day

P3S are all ready for sports day on Thursday! Our country is Botswana, feel free to cheer us on but remember not to call us by pur normal names- we…

A busy couple of days in P1G

Primary 1G have had a busy start to the week! On Monday we enjoyed ‘painting’ our phonics outside on the playground with soapy water.   Today we have been learning…

Drumming club

Developing our drumming skills with regular weekly rehearsals! The group are progressing well. Learning to play the Drumkit with counts of four; adding drum fills and cymbal hits.

Building Miss Honey’s House in P3S

We have been reading Roald Dahl’s famous story “Matilda” and yesterday we used clay to bring the story to life! We looked at the part of the book that described…

More Marvellous Monsters in Nursery!

Look at some of the marvellous monsters the afternoon Nursery classes made today!

Nursery’s Marvellous Monsters Workshop

The morning Nursery classes had great fun creating these marvellous monsters as part of the Arts Across Learning Festival.

P4’s Farming Machines

Primary 4 enjoyed designing and creating their own farming machines using recyclable materials. This was for our class topic ‘What’s on the Menu’. In groups they chose to design either…

Holi Festival in Nursery

We made colourful decorations to celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi.