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Mindfulness in the Nursery

The Nursery enjoyed their first Mindfulness session with Sarah today.  We had great fun pretending to be puppies!  

Nursery at Assembly

This morning Greg and the Nursery taught everyone a new dance.  Check out our moves! IMG_2895

P3S are ready for Sports Day

P3S are all ready for sports day on Thursday! Our country is Botswana, feel free to cheer us on but remember not to call us by pur normal names- we…

Circle Time in P2B

Today during Circle Time we were focusing on being kind to one another. We took it in turns to give a compliment to our shoulder partner. What lovely compliments too…

Celebrating Our Talents in P2B

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Nursery Sports Day Practice

The Nursery enjoyed practising for their Sports Day.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather on the 29th!

Nursery’s Fun in the Sun!

Nursery had great fun playing on the Playdale equipment in the playground.

Eco group – class planting

The p1 – 3 Eco representatives went along to work with Mr McGlynn to repot some spider plants that had outgrown their little pots. The children got stuck into filling…

Wheelie Wednesday in Nursery

The Nursery had great fun on their bikes and scooters at our Wheelie Wednesday.  The rain even stayed away for us!