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Outdoor Fun in Nursery

Nursery 2 had great fun playing in our outdoor wooded area.  

Nursery Zumba

The Nursery loved their first Zumba lesson today.  Look at our moves! IMG_4272 IMG_4279  

Nursery Macmillan Coffee Morning and Afternoon

What a great turnout we had for our Macmillan Coffee Morning and Afternoon!  Thank you to everyone who came along and helped us to raise the fantastic total of £200.

Nursery enjoying the sun!

Nursery have had lots of fun playing outside in the sun!            

P2B are still working hard!

We took our paired reading outside today to enjoy in the sun. We had great fun and asked each other questions about our book. In Maths we have been learning…

P2B’s Monday

We had such a busy day today. We celebrated William’s fantastic achievement where he received a medal for a running race. He said he loved doing it. We continued to…

Packaging Tug of War

Here were the results of our Visible Thinking ‘Tug of War’ debate on food packaging. You can see that most of us think we still need plastic food packaging even…

Mindfulness in the Nursery

The Nursery enjoyed their first Mindfulness session with Sarah today.  We had great fun pretending to be puppies!  

Nursery at Assembly

This morning Greg and the Nursery taught everyone a new dance.  Check out our moves! IMG_2895

P3S are ready for Sports Day

P3S are all ready for sports day on Thursday! Our country is Botswana, feel free to cheer us on but remember not to call us by pur normal names- we…