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P2B’s Monday

We had such a busy day today. We celebrated William’s fantastic achievement where he received a medal for a running race. He said he loved doing it. We continued to learn about division by sharing out dolly mixtures. Miss Baldacci let us eat them afterwards. After break we learned our new sounds and went outside to practise our words using the chalk. We then spent some time in a shaded area outside where we came up with some fantastic sentences which included our spelling words. Miss Baldacci banned the openers ‘I’ and ‘the’ so we used some other super openers. Logan also treated us to her solo talk today on Germany and let us try some tasty bread, thanks Logan!


Sharing Sweets in Maths!

Who knew we could learn so much in Maths by using sweets? We have been learning about sharing an amount equally amongst others in Maths and know that sometimes we will have some leftover which is called a remainder. Miss Baldacci had sweets that she needed help sharing out equally.

Cooperative Group Task in P2B

We have been learning about food groups in P2B. We learned the benefits of some of these groups such as carbohydrates giving you energy however, we also learned that we shouldn’t eat too much from the fats and sugars group. We put what we had been learning to the test and worked in our groups to place different items of food in the correct food group. We each were given a cooperative group role which meant we all had a special job to do. This ensured that everyone within the group had something to focus on. Miss Baldacci couldn’t believe how well we worked together and was so proud of our efforts. Good job P2B!