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Money Strategies in P2B

Today we were challenging ourselves to come up with different ways of making a price as we know that we don’t always have the exact coins or change available. We really thought outside the box and used our number bonds and counting skills to come up with lots of different combinations. Miss Baldacci is going to challenge us even more tomorrow.

Money, Money, Money!

We have been learning lots about money. We have learned how to sort money from smallest to largest, what each coin represents, we have used coins to pay for things and are beginning to work further on understanding that we can use different combinations of coins to pay for things. As you can see, we learn in lots of different ways during Maths in P2B including playing team games, ICT, a teacher led station and our Role Play corner. We have different activities to try each day which we really enjoy 😄


Goodbye Miss Legge

Primary 2B were so lucky today. Since it was Miss Legge’s last day, she set up a treasure hunt for the boys and girls in the classroom and they each had a hidden present to find. They had to follow the clues to find their treasure. A big thank you to Miss Legge for all her hard work, we will miss you!

Teamwork and Porridge Tasting in P2B

As part of our Goldilocks theme this week, we had the chance to try different porridge toppings to see what our favourite was. We recorded our results using tally marks and then displayed this information on a pictogram. We were learning about the title, scale and labels that are needed for a pictogram. The raspberries were the favourite topping!

During Circle Time, we managed to go outside for a while to enjoy the lovely sunshine. We were learning about teamwork with Miss Legge and spoke about what can happen when someone doesn’t work as part of a team. We also listed the skills needed for effective teamwork. We played a fun game to build on our teamwork as a class and worked amazingly well together. Look at the fantastic class web we managed to create by working as part of a team.

Dictionary Skills in P2B

We had lots of fun learning how to use a dictionary this morning. We had a race to see who could find words the quickest. We checked how we did against our class Success Criteria and used the traffic light fans to show Miss Baldacci if we felt we had achieved our Learning Intention.