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Holey Moley!

P2M thoroughly enjoyed Circle Time.  We were exploring how change is a natural part of life.  Moley came to the classroom and needed P2’s help as he had joined a new school and Sonic wasn’t being kind and had taken all of Moley’s friends from him and called him an unkind name.  P2M had lots of suggestions to help Moley.  Look at some of the suggestions below:

“maybe you didn’t notice you have been leaving Moley out and it is upsetting him.” Evie.

“Moley feels invisible.” Evie, Kitija, Ryanna,

“Sonic has to try and let everybody be friends.” Rhuari.

“We will be your friend.”  P2M

“Do you play an instrument?  If you have something you can play, then you could start a band!”  Rhuari.


Everything is Awesome. Engineering Week with P2M.

This week has been Engineering Week.  P2M have been set challenges around the book Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Industry professionals came in from Chevron and spoke about the different types of engineers in the world and the products they make.  We used Lego cards to match the job to the product.  We really loved it!






























































































































































































P2M were working in small groups to build a den for Baby Bear.  We developed our model building, creative thinking and teamwork skills.








































































































One of our challenges centred around “Who’s been eating my porridge?”

P2M had a visit from an environmental engineer Lesley and were set a challenge of looking at the properties of some of the things from Baby Bear’s  house just like the engineers who manufacture them eg shape, colour, texture.


In class with P2M!

P5/6 organised Funky Hair Day to raise money for their chosen charity.  Have a look below at just how funky our hair got!

As part of the fundraising day there was a challenge set by P5/6 to guess the robot’s name which was correctly guessed by … drum roll … Merci-leigh!














Miss Denholm and P4 worked with us to go outside and share their learning about multiplication using nature to demonstrate x2, x5 and x10 at work.  P2 thoroughly enjoyed the morning maths session with P4.  Thankyou!









We have continued to practise our phonics skills  using our magnetic boards and elkonin boxes.


In class with P2M!

This week P2M have been working really hard on their phonics skills and writing targets.  We have been learning about the phoneme ‘y’ as in fly sound.

We have been revising using question marks and decided to put this to good use to ask our class robot Jack some questions about himself.

In Maths we have been continuing to practice our mental maths skills and have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.  We have loved playing the game ‘guess the shape!’

We also looked at the artist Klimt and the colours he enjoyed using and have been working on making an enlarged version of his work in class.


In class with P2M!

This week P2M have been doing lots of phonics work.  Just have a look at some of the things we have been up to.



















In Maths, we have been practising our number bonds to 10, counting in 10’s from any number in the 100 number square.  We have been exploring place value too.  We are moving onto the properties of 2D shapes and have used a Carroll diagram to help us sort out the shapes out according to certain criteria.






























This week is Inventor week and we have been working on a challenge of creating our own robot that has been set by Mrs Duncan around the book ‘Robot Rumpus!’  Our first step has been to use our drama skills to create our own robot before we go on to plan it on paper and then make it!










In R.E. we have continued to look at the meaning of Lent and explored this through the marshmallow challenge!

Bird’s-eye view of learning in P2M!

P2M are working hard!

In Literacy we have been learning about the phoneme ‘ay’.  We have also been working on using our writing targets to make our writing more exciting.








In Mental Maths we have been using our mental maths skills to find the missing addition piece to 10.  In Numeracy, we have been exploring the way in which the two times-table can be displayed in equal groups and writing number sentences about them.






In R.E, we have been learning about the importance of Shrove Tuesday before the beginning of Lent.  Our tastebuds were delighted when we got to have a little pancake to mark the importance of Mardi Gras. Yum!


In Science with Mrs Morris we have investigating the properties of different materials.