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Fantastic Fractions Party

In P3 we have been learning about fractions and to show our understanding today we had a maths lesson with a twist- a class party where everything we ate or drank was split into halves and quarters! We had to problem solve with a partner to share packets of crisps equally, estimate when our cups were half full and find a way to split a pancake into quarters!

Alfie’s braw “my da” poem

Here is Alfie’s awesome Scots poem about his da’. It reads;

och fit tae say aboot my da’

I mak him crabbit when I dina tidy my bedroom

he’s on a soor face every time I dina listen

He girns awa cause I mak a mess

But ats a havers really, am ditherin’

he’s actually affa nice

and he’s the maist lovin da’

my da’s nae bad efter a’

In fact I think you’ll find he’s braw



P3 visited by a snorgh!

This morning in primary 3 we were shocked to find that we had been visited by a snorgh! The snorgh left behind some shells, a crumpled list of snorgh rules, a disgusting pot of green soup and a book for us to read. We read the story “the snorgh and the sailor,” and found a hidden letter asking us to help build the snorgh a boat so he could go on an adventure! Here are some pictures of us discovering the items and some diagrams of our boats.


Making Miss Honey’s Cottage

In P3 we have been reading the story Matilda and yesterday, in honour of World Book Day, we decided to bring one of the settings from the story to life!

We have been using the text to build our own versions of Miss Honey’s cottage. Once we are finished, our cottages will be judged; the winner will be the person who has best stuck to the clues from the text.

Here is how we are getting on so far!