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Otzi the Iceman

Primary 4 have been learning about the discovery of Otzi the Iceman, found in the Otzal Alps. This man has advanced research for the time when he lived, over 5000 years ago, and the children have enjoyed finding out more about his lifestyle. Primary 4 have been working together to research into the mystery of Otzi’s death and have enjoyed creating Information booklets.

Primary 4’s Scavenger Adventure

Primary 4 have recently began their new topic- scavengers and settlers. We have been learning about our ancestors and discussing all the questions that we wish we could ask them! After discussing how their lives would differ from ours, we set off outside to try our hand at being hunter-gatherers. Primary 4 had to build their own ‘pretend’ campfire, scavenge for food and crack the code of paintings on the walls. The afternoon was a great success, and the children agreed that it would have been quite challenging to be a hunter-gatherer and survive!


Primary 4 PE with RGU students

Primary 4 are enjoying working with three sports students from RGU who are helping us to develop skills in Rugby, Basketball and Hockey.

The activities allow us to improve our team work and communication skills as well as keep healthy.

We are looking forwards to going to Aberdeen Sports Village in a couple of weeks to utilise all the skills we have been learning.



Engineering Week in Primary 4

Primary 4 have had a fantastic time taking part in the school’s Engineering week! Miss Denholm has been so impressed at how well the class have worked together to complete challenges and learn about different types of engineering.

On Monday morning we were design engineers who had to design a Victorian dolls house. We had to be accurate with our ruler measurements and use our multiplication and addition skills to make drawings to scale

On Monday afternoon we were mechanical engineers, organizing ourselves into sweetie making machines complete with sound effects!

We had some visitors from Chevron on Tuesday who told us all about their jobs and how they use engineering every day. Our class had lots of questions for the engineers and really enjoyed their talk.

On Wednesday morning we were construction engineers. Our task was to design a chimney that was 20cm tall and could hold the weight of a book, however we could only use 7 sheets of newspaper and half a metre of tape!

We enjoyed being metallurgical engineers on Wednesday afternoon and learning about different types of metals and how they can make effective cooking materials.

On Thursday we completed our engineers log books to record our favourite engineering moments. We have all had a lot of fun and enjoyed developing different skills.


Primary 4 Dance

Primary 4 have been working to improve their rhythm and movement skills by doing some dance in PE. So far we have worked on moving our bodies at different speeds and in various ways.We are learning to move to the beat of the music.

This week we worked in groups to create a sequence of movements to the count of 8. Each group shared their sequences by teaching them to the other groups and we joined them together to make the chorus of a pop song.

Miss Denholm was really impressed with the enthusiasm that the boys and girls showed and loved to see their creative dance moves! 

In class with P2M!

P5/6 organised Funky Hair Day to raise money for their chosen charity.  Have a look below at just how funky our hair got!

As part of the fundraising day there was a challenge set by P5/6 to guess the robot’s name which was correctly guessed by … drum roll … Merci-leigh!














Miss Denholm and P4 worked with us to go outside and share their learning about multiplication using nature to demonstrate x2, x5 and x10 at work.  P2 thoroughly enjoyed the morning maths session with P4.  Thankyou!









We have continued to practise our phonics skills  using our magnetic boards and elkonin boxes.


Primary 4 Create Fossils

Primary 4 are very excited to have started a new topic this term called Scavengers and Settlers. We will be learning about different aspects of life in the past from the first humans to the iron age and comparing this to our own lives and the way we live now.

As part of our study of the past, we have been finding out about fossils. We watched some videos that showed us how fossils are formed and studied some images of real life fossils that have been found around the world.Some of us already knew that fossils can be used to make fuel such as oil, gas and coal.

Our favourite activity was making our own fossils out of clay – this was really fun and took a lot less time than a real fossil takes to form!! Miss Denholm asked us to create information labels for our fossils to describe the process of fossil development.