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Art Club

In Art Club Mrs Kerr was teaching about shade and colour

Girls Group

Mrs Kerr’s Girls Group had fun making Mother’s Day gifts.

Pizza Role Play in Room 8

In room 8 we have enjoyed our new pizza role play area and have been tasting pizza toppings.

Inventor Week- Chalk Talk by Lana Cartney (P7)

Inventor Week In Kirkhill this week all classes have been taking part in inventor week. For inventor week to be a success pupils needed to use a lot of skills…

Big Me Day- Chalk Talk by Iona Matson (P7)

Big Me Day In Kirkhill this week the children have been taking part in Big Me day. The children donated £1 and were allowed to come to school dressed as…

Staff List 2016/2017

Nursery 1 Anna Collins, Chris Darlington, Valerie Sutherland and Marian Pirie Nursery 2 Anna Collins, Laura Smith, Victoria Harrison and Rachel Charlton Primary 1M Mr McGlynn Primary 1D Mrs Duncan…