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Motor Skills Activities

We have been working on our fine and gross motor skills in Room 8. We have set up “Room 8 Repairs” we are upcycling some old stools, recovering an old…

Art Club

In Art Club Mrs Kerr was teaching about shade and colour

Girls Group

Mrs Kerr’s Girls Group had fun making Mother’s Day gifts.

Pizza Role Play in Room 8

In room 8 we have enjoyed our new pizza role play area and have been tasting pizza toppings.

Inventor Week- Chalk Talk by Lana Cartney (P7)

Inventor Week In Kirkhill this week all classes have been taking part in inventor week. For inventor week to be a success pupils needed to use a lot of skills…

Big Me Day- Chalk Talk by Iona Matson (P7)

Big Me Day In Kirkhill this week the children have been taking part in Big Me day. The children donated £1 and were allowed to come to school dressed as…

Staff List 2016/2017

Nursery 1 Anna Collins, Chris Darlington, Valerie Sutherland and Marian Pirie Nursery 2 Anna Collins, Laura Smith, Victoria Harrison and Rachel Charlton Primary 1M Mr McGlynn Primary 1D Mrs Duncan…