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Motor Skills Activities

We have been working on our fine and gross motor skills in Room 8.

We have set up “Room 8 Repairs” we are upcycling some old stools, recovering an old bench and making a pompom rug .

If you would like to practise your fine motor skills at home try out some of the following activities:

Sewing or threading activities.

Making pom poms.

Using chop sticks or tweezers to pick up beads, buttons or lego.

Use an old tennis ball, ask an adult to cut a mouth out for you, add googly eyes and feed him buttons.

Threading beads or making perler bead creations.
Check out our pom pom rug!

Make a peg tower using washing pegs and sticking them to the table with plasticine.

See how long you can make a chain out of paper clips. Why not have a competition with a friend to see who can make the longest chain in 2 minutes.
Why not make your own lacing board with cardboard, felt pens and ribbon?

Inventor Week- Chalk Talk by Lana Cartney (P7)

Inventor Week

In Kirkhill this week all classes have been taking part in inventor week. For inventor week to be a success pupils needed to use a lot of skills including drawing, writing, reading, problem solving and construction skills as well as their science skills.

Some of the things classes have been inventing include:
Magnet mobile phones
3D car mats
Wall paper designs
Waste paper bins
Rubbish collector for the playground
Toy cars
Balloon rockets
The children had to work in small groups to design, plan and construct their inventions
Ella, Paige, Dylan and Daniel from P5/6 said “We loved building our invention. It was such good fun!”

By Lana Cartney P7


Big Me Day- Chalk Talk by Iona Matson (P7)

Big Me Day
In Kirkhill this week the children have been taking part in Big Me day. The children donated £1 and were allowed to come to school dressed as what they want to be when they grow up. The school raised £160 for ActionAid which will go towards supporting some of the world’s poorest children. The money will help the children get a better education and hopefully a future career.
The best costumes were picked out for a picture that will be shown on the office TV.
The majority of the children came dressed up as footballers, doctors, policemen, builders, vets, gymnasts, dancers, singers and YouTubers.

Carly McIntosh in P7 said “I enjoyed dressing up as a dancer and I liked that it was for a good cause.”
It sounds like everyone had a great day for a great cause. Well done!

By Iona Matson P7


Staff List 2016/2017

Nursery 1
Anna Collins, Chris Darlington, Valerie Sutherland and Marian Pirie
Nursery 2
Anna Collins, Laura Smith, Victoria Harrison and Rachel Charlton
Primary 1M
Mr McGlynn
Primary 1D
Mrs Duncan
Primary 2B
Miss Baldacci
Primary 2M
Miss McDonald
Primary 3
Miss Somerville
Primary 3/4
Mrs Nicholson
Primary 4
Miss Denholm
Primary 5/6F
Mrs Findlater
Primary 5/6M
Miss Meldrum
Primary 6
Mr Thomson
Primary 7
Miss Lawrie
Additional Support
Mrs Muirhead Kerr
Non class contact
Mrs Morrison