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Cooperative Group Task in P2B

We have been learning about food groups in P2B. We learned the benefits of some of these groups such as carbohydrates giving you energy however, we also learned that we shouldn’t eat too much from the fats and sugars group. We put what we had been learning to the test and worked in our groups to place different items of food in the correct food group. We each were given a cooperative group role which meant we all had a special job to do. This ensured that everyone within the group had something to focus on. Miss Baldacci couldn’t believe how well we worked together and was so proud of our efforts. Good job P2B!

Digital Learning Week in P1G

As part of digital learning week, Primary 1G have been looking at how technology is used to spread news all over the world. We watched some news stories that showed Prince William and Princess Kate’s wedding in 2011 and we used them to predict what the news might report about the next Royal wedding that is happening at the weekend.

We also made crowns and had a tea party to celebrate Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding. We wore our crowns for our class selfie.








Otzi the Iceman

Primary 4 have been learning about the discovery of Otzi the Iceman, found in the Otzal Alps. This man has advanced research for the time when he lived, over 5000 years ago, and the children have enjoyed finding out more about his lifestyle. Primary 4 have been working together to research into the mystery of Otzi’s death and have enjoyed creating Information booklets.