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Bridge Building in P2B

We have been learning about The Three Billy Goats Gruff. After lunch today we couldn’t believe what had been left. When we went upstairs there was blue all over the floor and glitter left with a note. It was Denzel asking if we could design a bridge so that his friends could cross the river. We started planning straight away and created the Success Criteria (what we need to include/think about when building our bridges)  as a class. Here we are trying to work out what important things must be considered when building our bridges. Mia came up with the great idea that they have to be the correct size so that the goats make it over safely. Logan then suggested we get rulers or a metre stick to measure the width. Excellent ideas girls!

Trip to Torry Battery

This morning P3S went on a trip to Torry Battery. We did some dolphin watching with binoculars, we learned about the harm that litter can do to sea creatures and we also went rockpooling to see if we could find any of the creatures we have been learning about In school. We learned some fanstastic facts; for example we now know that the average dolphin measures 3.7 metres long! That’s about 3 Jamie Kellas’!