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Outdoor Fun in Nursery

Nursery 2 had great fun playing in our outdoor wooded area.  

P4: Russell Anderson Development School

P4 were practising some football fitness with coaches from the Russell Anderson Development School. The children each worked with a partner to develop some activities that help improve their football…

P4: No-Pen-Day-Wednesday!

Today at Kirkhill, our pens went on strike for a day! In P4 we watched a story that imagined the reasons why pens and pencils might quit, made other objects…

P4: Art, Maths, and Building Design!

P4 have been very lucky to have Mrs Kerr in the classroom once a week to teach them Art this term. The children have been making different 3D Shapes out…


We are enjoying so many new experiences this year.

P4 Community Walk

As part of our topic we explored the local community in search of different types of land usage and buildings. We noted down our findings and took pictures as evidence….


P3 were learning how to login to Sumdog and compete in maths challenges against classmates. Big thank you to Miss O’Neill’s class for coming along to help us!    


We found out what our new topic was this morning and got to work building our own villages as an entry point into the topic. We worked hard in our…

Busy Times in P2B

We have been working extremely hard and have ¬†been learning lots of exciting things! We learned how to write a recipe and also made some tasty healthy pizzas. We have…