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P6/7 Moving People: Migrant Experience

P6/7 are learning about Migration in their Topic/Storyline. The class split into groups and created families who needed to move here because of things going on in their own country….

P6/7 Trip to Mayfest

P6/7 learned how to read strands of DNA and attempted to us a special code to build different protein cells that make up DNA.

Digital Learning Week

 P6/7 have been taking part in a variety of Digital Learning experiences this week. We have been coding, designing technology, writing instruction manuals for digital devices, using QR codes and…

Tricky Word Fun!

Here we are having lots of fun learning our tricky words!

P4’s Farming Machines

Primary 4 enjoyed designing and creating their own farming machines using recyclable materials. This was for our class topic ‘What’s on the Menu’. In groups they chose to design either…

Ginger Biscuits Recipe

Why not try this quick and simple recipe at home, have fun! Ginger Biscuits Recipe  

Maths and Literacy linked to WBD in P2B!

We have been learning lots of ways we collect and display information. Today we learned about Bar Graphs and used tally marks to help us display information in the form…