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Busy Times in P2B

We have been working extremely hard and have  been learning lots of exciting things! We learned how to write a recipe and also made some tasty healthy pizzas. We have also been learning about repeated addition. Look at our fantastic diagrams to show our understanding in Maths. We even worked out 6×5!  Lastly, we had so much fun during Golden Time. Some of us wanted to use the paint. We dipped fruit and veg into the paint to create pictures.

P6/7 Moving People: Migrant Experience

P6/7 are learning about Migration in their Topic/Storyline. The class split into groups and created families who needed to move here because of things going on in their own country. Today, the children pretended to move to Kincorth, set up a campsite, do some learning activities, play some games and explore the local area. All the activities were designed and led by the children. At break and lunch time they had some ‘local visitors’ and even the Nursery stopped by. This helped the class understand what it must be like for the migrants.