Busy bees in Nursery!

We were very busy at the drawing and writing table this afternoon!

Kirkhill Primary February 2018 Newsletter

February 2018 Newsletter

Snack Time in Nursery

We really enjoyed our oatcakes and tuna for snack this morning!

What’s on the Menu?

At the start of primary 4’s new topic – What’s on the Menu, we had fun creating our own Pancake restaurant. We had menus, table cloths and food related quizzes…

Picasso’s Blue Period

How fantastic are our portraits inspired by Picasso’s Blue Period? We learned about the emotions that can be expressed using colour and we thoroughly enjoyed being an artist and an…

Counting in Nursery

We had lots of fun picking up the buttons with the tweezers and matching them to the number cards.

Matilda Comprehension in P3S

Yesterday in P3S we read a chapter of ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl. In this part, Matilda was eating breakfast with her brother, waiting to see the results of switching her…