P4 (Stuart Reid) Creative Writing Workshop

After hearing all about Stuart Reid’s exciting and funny GORGEOUS GEORGE book series in a special assembly, P4 were lucky enough to have Stuart Reid in the classroom helping them solve creative writing problems like starting a story in an entertaining way that hooks the reader, creating and describing memorable characters and setting, and using their own experiences as starting points for stories. The children had great fun and learned a lot of skills we will use to write our own Fantasy books in a few weeks.

Heart display

Pupils and staff were given the opportunity to fill a heart with what made them feel loved. Each person chose what to write or draw and the type of media they wanted to use to convey what was in their heart. I do hope that you get the chance to see our stunning display…Watch out for the next installment!

Motor Skills Activities

We have been working on our fine and gross motor skills in Room 8.

We have set up “Room 8 Repairs” we are upcycling some old stools, recovering an old bench and making a pompom rug .

If you would like to practise your fine motor skills at home try out some of the following activities:

Sewing or threading activities.

Making pom poms.

Using chop sticks or tweezers to pick up beads, buttons or lego.

Use an old tennis ball, ask an adult to cut a mouth out for you, add googly eyes and feed him buttons.

Threading beads or making perler bead creations.
Check out our pom pom rug!

Make a peg tower using washing pegs and sticking them to the table with plasticine.

See how long you can make a chain out of paper clips. Why not have a competition with a friend to see who can make the longest chain in 2 minutes.
Why not make your own lacing board with cardboard, felt pens and ribbon?

Fairtrade Friday

We focused on Fairtrade bananas on 15th March 2019 to highlight the importance of supporting Fairtrade farmers and buying Fairtrade products where possible.

We made our own bananas and sold them to supermarkets, we found that non Fairtrade farmers did not receive a fair price for their product and the supermarkets got richer. Fairtrade farmers received a fair price for all their hard work.