In class with P2M!

P5/6 organised Funky Hair Day to raise money for their chosen charity.  Have a look below at just how funky our hair got! As part of the fundraising day there…

Primary 4 Create Fossils

Primary 4 are very excited to have started a new topic this term called Scavengers and Settlers. We will be learning about different aspects of life in the past from…

Crazy Hair Day in Nursery 1

Look at our crazy hair!

Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic!

Today in P3 we enjoyed a teddy bear picnic and party for filling our class marble jar. We played traditional party games like musical statues and hide the keys and…

Crazy Hair Day in Nursery 2

We came into Nursery with crazy hair and raised money for Cash for Kids.  

Nursery has a new safety mascot!

Meet Hector the Hedgehog our new safety mascot!

Nursery visiting Kincorth Academy

Nursery are enjoying visiting Kincorth Academy to listen to the S3 pupils read us stories.

Our Zoo

We made enclosures for the animals in our zoo.

Preparing Nursery snack

We helped prepare the fruit for our snack.  

Nursery Spring Walk

Nursery 1 and Nursery 2 went on a Spring walk up the Gramps.  We found lots of signs that Spring had started.