Scottish Kids Show Competition Winners

Well done to our winners.

P5/6M Grammar Hunt

P5/6M did a grammar hunt with Mrs Holland, searching for nouns and adjectives around the classroom and sorted them onto people pictures. 

P5/6F’s Visit to the STV Studio

Primary 5/6F enjoyed a tour of the STV studio and watched the afternoon news being broadcasted live from the gallery. We were lucky enough to meet Norman MacLeod and Chris…

P3 Clothes of the Past Research

Before the October holidays, we rounded off our “All Dressed Up” topic by finding out about clothes from a different decade. We could get our information from a book, the…

P3/4 and P4’s SSPCA Visit

P3/4 and P4 had a visit from an SSPCA officer. This is going to help us with our new topic called Land, Sea and Sky which is all about animal…

A Spooktacular Halloween in Primary 2

Primary Two had a ‘Spooktacular Halloween’. They did Halloween Arts and Crafts and listened to spooky music while working. They were also ducking for apples and had great fun doing…

Diwali Celebrations

In primary 6 we have been creating our own Hindu gods and rangoli patterns in celebration of the end of Diwali.

Pizza Role Play in Room 8

In room 8 we have enjoyed our new pizza role play area and have been tasting pizza toppings.

P3 ‘Hercules’ Showcase

To start off our ‘Myths and Legends’ topic, P3 had a Myths and Legends day! We watched the Disney film ‘Hercules’ and enjoyed discussing the similarities with other Myths and…

Carving Pumpkins in Nursery 1

Nursery 1 enjoyed scooping out the seeds from their pumpkins and carving faces in them.