Nursery decorating their Christmas trees

     Nursery 1 and Nursery 2 had great fun choosing the decorations to go on their Christmas trees.  

P4 Sports Activities

We have really enjoyed working with Mr Kidd, AJ and Lee over the last few weeks for sports activities. We have learned some new team games and improved some of…

P4 Christmas Books

Primary 4 are hard at work writing their own festive stories titled ‘An Elf for the Day’. We are really enjoying using our imaginations to write and love decorating our…

P3 Mount Olympus Role Play

As part of their ‘Myths and Legends’ topic, P3 have been learning about the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Greece. They have even been portraying the Gods themselves, deciding the…

P3 Pyjama Day

As a reward for filling their marble jar, P3 chose to wear their pyjamas to school! General consensus was that pyjamas are much cooler than school uniforms! 

P4 French

Primary 4 have been learning about numbers and greetings in French. We have been playing lots of games to help us use the new vocabulary that we learn. We had…

Nursery’s Trip to Tyrebagger

The afternoon Nursery classes enjoyed their trip to Tyrebagger to pick their Christmas trees.

Balancing Tracks

Nursery 1 built tracks that they balanced on.

Nature Walk

Nursery 2 enjoyed a nature walk up the Gramps.