Goodbye Miss Legge

Primary 2B were so lucky today. Since it was Miss Legge’s last day, she set up a treasure hunt for the boys and girls in the classroom and they each…

Nursery’s Fun in the Sun!

Nursery had great fun playing on the Playdale equipment in the playground.

Nursery’s Spring Walk

The Nursery enjoyed their walk up the Gramps to hunt for signs of Spring.  

Eco group – class planting

The p1 – 3 Eco representatives went along to work with Mr McGlynn to repot some spider plants that had outgrown their little pots. The children got stuck into filling…

Drumming club

Developing our drumming skills with regular weekly rehearsals! The group are progressing well. Learning to play the Drumkit with counts of four; adding drum fills and cymbal hits.

Wheelie Wednesday in Nursery

The Nursery had great fun on their bikes and scooters at our Wheelie Wednesday.  The rain even stayed away for us!       

P1 Bug Hotel

The boys and girls in Primary 1 are all so excited about the bug hotel that Mrs Robb’s husband made for us. We are learning all about different bugs in…

Primary 4’s Scavenger Adventure

Primary 4 have recently began their new topic- scavengers and settlers. We have been learning about our ancestors and discussing all the questions that we wish we could ask them!…

Teamwork and Porridge Tasting in P2B

As part of our Goldilocks theme this week, we had the chance to try different porridge toppings to see what our favourite was. We recorded our results using tally marks…