Celebrating Achievements

We are so proud of Ellie and her dancing success. Look at the fantastic trophy she won, WOW! Well done Ellie, you are a star!

Busy Times in P2B

We have been working extremely hard and have  been learning lots of exciting things! We learned how to write a recipe and also made some tasty healthy pizzas. We have…

Look what we found!

On the way to school this week, Laci and Faye found some snails! They both brought them in and took them to our bug hotel to keep safe. 

Stone Age Pottery

Primary Four have enjoyed learning about the way our ancestors in the Stone Age lived. After researching the food they eat, the houses they would have built and the clothes…

Mindfulness in the Nursery

The Nursery enjoyed their first Mindfulness session with Sarah today.  We had great fun pretending to be puppies!  

P3a Scavenger Hunt

P3a have been learning about measure in maths and had great fun on Friday doing a scavenger hunt. We had to find different items such as something that is approximately…

P6/7 Moving People: Migrant Experience

P6/7 are learning about Migration in their Topic/Storyline. The class split into groups and created families who needed to move here because of things going on in their own country….

Nursery at Assembly

This morning Greg and the Nursery taught everyone a new dance.  Check out our moves! IMG_2895

Measurement in P1G

In primary 1 we have been measuring using non-standard units. We have been growing some very tall sunflowers and wanted to measure how tall they were! Aaron’s was the tallest…

Dissolving Experiments

Today in P3S we designed our own dissolving experiments in groups. We chose to investigate which substance dissolved the best out of sugar, pepper and salt.