Keeping Our Children Safe – Police Scotland Live Chat

Keeping Our Children Safe Police Scotland and other local professionals will be hosting a further live Facebook event on the North East Police Division page on Wednesday 21 March 2018…

Gingerbread House Building and Decorating in P2B

Look at the fun we get to have with our Fairyland Topic!

Loose Parts Play in Nursery

Nursery 1 had great fun tying and cutting a lot of wool, ribbon and tape this afternoon!

P3S Zumba Stars

A great way to start our Wednesday! Watch us country dancing on YouTube.  

Adding in Primary 1G

In primary 1G we are learning different ways to add numbers together to make 10. Our favourite activities have been colouring the number bonds rainbow and doing some addition work…

Super Humans in Primary 1G

Primary 1G have been enjoying playing in the hospital role play corner that we have set up as part of our topic ‘Superhumans’.  

Outdoor Learning in P2B

We had great fun taking our learning outside this afternoon. We were learning about how to use directions accurately. We were using language such as left, right, forward, take a…

Becoming writers in P1G

In Primary 1G we are learning how to write simple sentences. We told Miss Denholm what a sentence needs to be successful. We wrote our own sentences and checked them…

Fun Friday in P2B

We put our plan into action this afternoon and started building our bridges. We made sure to check our class Success Criteria as we worked. It had to be 1…

Primary 1G hard at work

The boys in girls in Primary 1G have been working hard to recognise capital and lower case letters.