St Andrew’s Day Celebrations!

  Primary 2B/O have been working incredibly hard over the past few weeks on their St Andrew’s Day songs. Today was their time to shine and they all did a…

P1Gr hard at work

The boys and girls have been working so hard this term in Primary 1Gr. Miss Denholm is very proud of us and thinks we are all making huge improvements in…

P3S’ Medieval Banquet

Today in Primary 3 we enjoyed a medieval banquet! We prepared for the banquet by chopping up foods they would have had in medieval times such as cheese, cured meats,…

Kirkhill Primary November 2017 Newsletter

November 2017 Newsletter

We Had A Spooktacular Day in P2B/O

Have a look at what we got up to for Halloween. We did some fun crafts and made spider Oreos as well as spooky marshmallow eyeballs!

Fire Service Visit

We had a fantastic time learning about the fire service.We learned about how to keep ourselves safe if we ever faced a dangerous situation and learned more about the daily…

Scottish Opera: Tam O’Shanter

Over the last few months, children from Primary 5, 6 and 7 have been busy learning songs to take part in a production of Tam O’Shanter ran by Scottish Opera….

Kirkhill October 2017 |Newsletter

October 2017 Newsletter

Trip to Torry Battery

This morning P3S went on a trip to Torry Battery. We did some dolphin watching with binoculars, we learned about the harm that litter can do to sea creatures and…